Essay  On Unemployment 

Unemployment is a very serious issue not only in India but in the whole world. There are hundreds and thousands of people out there who do not have employment. Besides, the problems of unemployment are very severe in India because of the growing population and demand for jobs. Moreover, if we neglect this problem then it will be going to become the reason for the doom of the nation.


What is Unemployment?

The term unemployment refers to a situation where a person actively searches for employment but is unable to find work. Unemployment is considered to be a key measure of the health of the economy.

The most frequently used measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate. It’s calculated by dividing the number of unemployed people by the number of people in the labor force.

Reasons for Unemployment

In a country like India, there is many reasons for a large section of the population for being unemployed. Some of these factors are population growth, slow economic growth, seasonal occupation, slow growth of the economic sector, and fall in the cottage industry.

Moreover, these are the major reasons for unemployment in India. Also, the situation has become so drastic that highly educated people are ready to do the job of a sweeper. Besides, the government is not doing his work seriously.Apart from all these, a large portion of the population is engaged in the agricultural sector and the sector only employs harvest or plantation time. In addition, the biggest reason of unemployment in India is its vast population which demands a large number of jobs every year which the government and authorities are unable to provide.

Types of Unemployment

Unemployment means when someone doesn’t have a job, but it also includes when people have jobs in things they’re not really good at.

There are different types of unemployment, which means people don’t have jobs. Some types are when people are not really needed for the work they do, or when they only have a job for a certain time of the year. There is also unemployment when people can’t find a job at all, or when technology takes over their jobs. Sometimes, people can’t find a job because the way they used to work is not needed anymore, or because they don’t have the right skills. Other types of unemployment happen when the economy is not doing well, or when people have a lot of education but can’t find a job that matches their skills. There are also times when people have a job, but it’s not enough to earn a living. Lastly, some people can’t find a job for a long time, and others who only work from time to time.

In India, three main types of unemployment happen a lot. They are called seasonal unemployment, underemployment, and disguised unemployment.

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