Republic Day Information in English 26 January

Republic Day Information in English

Republic Day is a special day in India when they celebrate the day their Constitution started working. This happened on January 26, 1950. Before that, India was ruled by British people. But on this day, they became their own country and had their own rules. The Constitution is like a set of important laws that everyone in India has to follow. They chose this day because a long time ago, on January 26, 1930, the Indian National Congress declared that they wanted to be independent from British rule.

Republic Day

History of Republic Day

India became free from British rule on 15 August 1947. This happened because of the Indian independence movement. The British passed a law called the Indian Independence Act 1947 which divided British India into two new countries called India and Pakistan. India became a monarchy with King George VI as the leader and the Earl Mountbatten as the governor-general. However, India didn’t have its own set of rules yet, so they followed the laws that were already in place from when the British were in charge.

A long time ago, a group of people in India wanted to make a special set of rules called a constitution. They chose a person named Dr. Ambedkar to lead a team that would write down these rules. After a lot of hard work, they finished writing the rules and showed them to everyone. The group of people who made the rules met for a really long time, almost three years, before they agreed on everything. Finally, on January 26, 1950, the rules officially became the law of the land in India. This day is called Republic Day and is a very important day for India. A man named Dr. Rajendra Prasad also became the first president of India on this day. The group of people who made the rules then became the government of India.

Republic Day Essay, Information For Students

How and why is Republic Day celebrated in India?

On Republic Day, Indians celebrate their country’s constitution and freedom. People all over the country are very happy and excited. Schools and colleges raise the national flag and have special activities. Some events show how India fought to become independent. The President of India raises the flag in a special place called India Gate. In the capital city, there is a big parade where the President leads and shows off India’s strong military and different cultures. This event also remembers and thanks the people who died for their country. The Prime Minister gives a special tribute by putting a special decoration at India Gate. There are also other ceremonies like a salute and singing the national anthem. Brave soldiers and regular people who were brave in tough times also got special awards.

People who are given a special award for being brave to say thank you to the President. Then, the military shows off how strong they are. There is a big march where soldiers, police, and young cadets all walk past the President and salute him. The celebration ends with airplanes from the Air Force flying over a special street. The whole country celebrates Republic Day, but the biggest celebration happens in Delhi. Lots of people can watch the parade on the internet, and they can also watch videos of it later. In other cities, the flag is raised by important people, and smaller celebrations happen in other smaller places like districts and villages.

After the big celebration of Republic Day, there is a special event called Beating the Retreat. It happens after all the other celebrations are done. For four days, the important government buildings are decorated with pretty lights. On the third day after Republic Day, there is a special ceremony. The drummers play by themselves and then the bands march back playing a famous song. At exactly 6 p.m., the flag gets taken down and the national anthem is sung. This means that the Republic Day celebrations are officially over.



Republic Day is a special day in India. It’s not just a day off from school or work, but it represents something important. It shows that India believes in fairness, treating everyone equally, and letting people have a say in how the country is run. It also remembers and thanks the people who fought hard for India to become free from British rule. Republic Day reminds us that we all have a responsibility to keep these values alive and make India a great place to live. It’s a day that shows how India has grown and changed, from being ruled by another country to becoming a strong and successful country on its own.

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