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Nana Saheb Peshwa II was a brave person from India who led a rebellion against a company called the East India Company. He believed that he should receive money from the company, but they said no. So, he started a rebellion and took control of a city called Kanpur for a little while. But then the British came back and took the city back. Nana Saheb had to run away to Nepal, where he died while hunting tigers.

Nana Saheb

Early Life and Family Background

Dhondu Pant was born a long time ago in a city called Kanpur. His parents were very important people, and his father worked for someone named Peshwa Baji Rao II. Sadly, Dhondu Pant’s father passed away when he was still very young. But even though he had a difficult start, Dhondu Pant’s family believed in the importance of learning and culture, so he received a special education.

The East India Company took over some land that belonged to Nana Saheb’s family. This made them really upset. The British didn’t accept Nana Saheb’s cousin as the rightful leader, which made Nana Saheb and his supporters even angrier. This made Nana Saheb want to rebel against the British in the future.

The Adoption Dispute

Nana Saheb’s life was greatly affected by a disagreement over who should inherit the Peshwa’s position. The British had a rule that said they could take over land if the ruler didn’t have a child to pass it on to. When the Peshwa died, his adopted son, who was Nana Saheb’s relative, wasn’t accepted by the British as the rightful heir. This caused the British to take control of the Peshwa’s land.

Nana Saheb was supposed to get something that belonged to him, but the British people said he couldn’t have it. This made him really mad and made him want to fight against them. This important moment made him even more important in the future.

Nana Saheb’s Leadership and Administration

Nana Saheb was a really good leader during the rebellion. He was good at organizing things and he really cared about his people. He made a temporary government in Cawnpore and worked to make sure everyone was taken care of. He made sure there were rules and made sure everyone was treated fairly. He also made sure everyone had what they needed to live.

Nana Saheb wanted India to be free from British rule and he tried to make it happen, but it was really hard because the British were very strong and there were problems within the group that was fighting against them.

Aftermath of the Rebellion and Nana Saheb’s Fate

In 1857, the people of India wanted to be their bosses and not have the British telling them what to do. They fought really hard, but unfortunately, the British won and gained control again. Nana Saheb and other leaders had to run away, and the dream of having their own country was put on hold for a while. The people who joined the rebellion were treated very poorly, with some being hurt, put in jail, or forced to leave their homes.

We don’t know for sure what happened to Nana Saheb after the rebellion. Some people think he died in 1859, but others think he might have gone to Nepal or somewhere else. Because we don’t have strong evidence, people have different ideas about what might have happened to him.

Legacy of Nana Saheb

Even though the Indian Rebellion of 1857 didn’t succeed, Nana Saheb is still remembered as someone who fought against the unfairness of the British rulers. He did things that showed he cared about his people and his actions are still important in India’s fight for freedom.

Some people think that Nana Saheb was a hero because he fought against the British rulers who were being mean to the Indians. But other people think he was bad because he was involved in a terrible event called the Bibighar massacre. It’s hard to say for sure if he was good or bad because the Indian Rebellion of 1857 was a complicated time with many different perspectives and opinions.


Nana Saheb was a very important person during a big fight in India called the Indian Rebellion of 1857. His life and what he did are really interesting and show how complicated and important this time in Indian history was. When he was young, some people disagreed about who should take care of him, and this made a big impact on his life. It helped shape him into a leader and someone who fought against the people who were in charge. One big battle called the Siege of Cawnpore was really sad and made people think differently of Nana Saheb, but it also showed how desperate and cruel the rebellion was against the people in charge.

Nana Saheb is a historical figure who people have different opinions about. Some people think he was a hero because he fought against unfair treatment, but others think he was involved in a violent event called the Cawnpore massacre, which makes them negatively see him. However, no matter what people think, Nana Saheb’s actions showed how determined he was to fight for India’s freedom from colonial rule.

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