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Essay On My Village

My village is a special place that I love to go to when I have time off or when I need a break from being tired. It’s far away from all the dirty air and loud sounds of the city. In a village, you can feel a strong bond with the earth and nature.

Additionally, there are lots of trees, different kinds of plants that we grow for food, lots of different types of pretty flowers, and rivers, too. And on top of all that, at night it feels chilly and you can feel a cool wind, but during the day it feels warm and nice with a gentle breeze.

My Village

The Facts About the Village

More than 70% of people in India live in villages. Villages are where we get most of our food and crops from. Since India became independent, villages have become bigger and more people are going to school there too.

People who live in villages work very hard and are very committed to their jobs. They are also stronger and have more abilities than people who live in cities.

In the village, everyone gets along and there are no fights or arguments. The people there are always ready to help each other when they are sad or happy. And at night, you can see lots of stars in the sky, which is something you can’t see in the city.

Description of My Village

In the place where I live, there is a village that is in a low area. It gets really hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. I usually go to visit the village during my summer break from school. Even though it’s really hot there, it’s actually cooler than the city. And you don’t need air conditioners because there is a nice breeze. In the village, there are lots of trees and every house has at least one tree in their yard.

In the summer, we usually collect a lot of crops. But recently, I haven’t seen many crops because things have changed. Instead of houses made of mud and bricks, we now have more houses made of concrete and other materials. Also, the people in the village are nicer than the people in the cities.

One of the best things about my village is the air. It feels really refreshing and makes me feel awake, even if I haven’t had a lot of sleep. The air is so good that it makes me feel energized. At night, I can also see lots of stars, which is something I can’t do in the city.

Importance of Village

In India, there have been villages for a very long time. These villages rely on each other to get the things they need and to sell the things they make. They also help India to get bigger and better. In India, farming is really important and helps the country more than other types of jobs.

India is the second biggest country in the world with lots of people. To make sure everyone has enough food, they need help from the villages. That’s why the villages are really important to us and everyone else.


My village is not just a spot on a map; it’s like a beautiful picture made up of nature, people, and old practices. When I walk around and see how the seasons change, it reminds me of how wonderful it is to live in a simple and peaceful place. My village is more than just a location; it’s a warm feeling of being connected and belonging to a bigger community.

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