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Essay on My Hobby

Hobbies play an important role in our life. When we have free time, they keep our minds active and provide us with happiness. Hobbies help us forget our problems by providing a way to flee from the real-life environment. Additionally, they provide interest and pleasure to our lives. If we think about it, all of our interests are highly helpful to us. They educate us on a wide range of topics. They also contribute to knowledge growth.

My Hobby

Importance of Hobby

It’s important to be updated on the most recent events and learn more about today’s incident. It offers us multiple benefits that aid in the growth of our knowledge and ideas. Our capacity for ideas, thoughts, and memories is also improved. Hobbies are just something we can do in our free time and are all about interest. These activities assist us in maintaining a relaxed and rejuvenated state of mind and body.

Furthermore, hobbies improve our ability to work and improve our general wellness. It guards against the possibility of dementia as well as life’s misery. Additionally, it promotes our general growth and exposes our hidden abilities and interests. Therefore, having interests in our lives is important.

Essay on My Hobby In Marathi

My Hobby – Understanding My Interest

It is important that I explain my hobby properly before delving into its complicated details. My interest is in the fine art of photography. Since I can remember, capturing life’s experiences with a camera has been an integral part of my existence. Taking pictures is more than simply documenting the natural beauty of the planet; it’s also a means of self-expression, narrative storytelling, and emotional expression.

How My Interest Started

Like many pastimes, my foray into photography started off as a passing fancy. I recall getting a little point-and-shoot camera as a present in my formative years. At first, I only used it to record fleeting moments like family gatherings and vacations in order to preserve memories. As time passed, my interest in photography developed, and I started to delve more into the field.

My Hobby – Developing the Passion 

I learned about the endless possibilities it presented as I dove more into photography. I gained knowledge of various camera settings, composition strategies, and the value of lighting. My excitement grew with each new idea I understood, and I dedicated endless hours to studying the methods used by master photographers and their works.

I began going out with my camera more frequently as my love for photography grew. I started taking pictures of everything, including still life, landscapes, and portraits. The more I engaged myself in photography, the more satisfaction and excitement I had with each shutter release.

My Hobby – A Place for Originality

More than simply a pastime, photography evolved to become a creative outlet for me. I came to understand that photography allowed me to express myself in ways that words alone could not. Every image I took turned into a canvas on which I could paint feelings, narratives, and views. I found fulfillment in expressing the world via my own vision, whether it was a vivid sunset, an unguarded picture, or an abstract composition.

Looking for Insight

Inspiration is essential for my development as a photographer. I have been influenced by the beauty of ordinary life as well as the works of well-known photographers. I gained the ability to see beauty in both the ordinary and the spectacular by observing the wonders of nature, urban environments, and human relationships.

I also participated in exhibits, attended seminars, and joined photographic communities. I was able to develop my abilities and widen my viewpoints by interacting with like-minded others and obtaining helpful criticism.

My Hobby – Using Photography as a Meditation Tool

As my love for photography grew, I realized it had calming aspects. My fears and worry appeared to vanish as soon as I had the camera in my hands. I was compelled by photography to live in the now and pay attention just to what was in front of me. I could completely engage in the creative process while constructing an image, tweaking settings, and waiting for the ideal moment to press the shutter, which resulted in a level of awareness and serenity.

Understanding Challenges

Like every passion, photography has its share of difficulties. Technical challenges, creative roadblocks, and a little sadness when a picture didn’t come out as planned were all things I had to cope with. But I soon understood that these difficulties offered chances for development and education. Every error I made served as a learning experience that motivated me to develop my abilities and expand my knowledge.

The Enjoyment of Sharing

I felt so much excitement when I shared my photos with the world. The encouraging comments and compliments from spectators, whether through social media platforms or exhibits, encouraged me to keep improving my skill. In addition, photography gave me the chance to draw attention to a number of environmental and social problems, which gave me the impression that my pastime may benefit society.

Self-Discovery and Photography

As my relationship with photography developed, I realized it was both an art form and a way to learn about myself. I discovered more about my beliefs, hobbies, and outlook on life via the pictures I took. Each photograph revealed a narrative about both the subject and the photographer.


I’ll finish up by saying that taking pictures for fun has changed and improved my life. Being able to express my creativity, find comfort in chaotic situations, interact with others, and learn things about myself that I may not have otherwise known. Photography is more than simply a pastime for me; it plays a significant role in how I see the world and how I connect with other people. 

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