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Throughout history, there are special people who stand out and make a big difference in the world. One of these special people is Mother Teresa. She was born in 1910 and spent her whole life helping people who were very poor and suffering. She showed love, kindness, and helped others without expecting anything in return. People even called her the “Saint of the Gutters” because she helped people who had nothing. This story will tell you all about Mother Teresa’s life and the amazing things she did that still inspire people today.

Mother Teresa

Early Life and Spiritual Awakening

To understand Mother Teresa’s amazing life, we need to look at when she was a child. She was born into a family who believed in God and helping others. Even when she was young, she always wanted to help people. When she was eight years old, her dad died, and this made her even more caring towards people who were hurting. When she was 18, she left her home and joined a group of sisters in Ireland. She changed her name to Sister Teresa and started on a special journey of learning about God and helping others.

When Sister Teresa was in Ireland and later in India, she became even more connected to her spiritual beliefs. She worked as a teacher in a school in Calcutta for almost twenty years. While she was there, she felt a strong desire to help the people who were very poor and suffering. This made her feel like she had a special mission to go outside of her usual work and help the people living in the poorest neighborhoods of Calcutta.

Founding the Missionaries of Charity

In 1950, a woman named Sister Teresa started a group called the Missionaries of Charity. They wanted to help people who didn’t have enough food, clothes, or a place to live. They also helped people who were sick or had disabilities and were often ignored by others. Sister Teresa and her group wanted to show these people that they were loved and cared for, even though society didn’t always treat them well. This was something Sister Teresa dedicated her whole life to.

Mother Teresa and her friends wanted to help people who were very sick or didn’t have families. They started in one city in India, but then they went to other places in India and even to other countries around the world. People noticed how hard Mother Teresa and her friends worked, and they became famous for being kind and caring. They made places for sick people to live, took care of children with no parents, opened schools, and gave medical help to those who needed it. They brought hope and happiness to people who didn’t have much before.

The Nobel Peace Prize and Global Recognition

Mother Teresa’s kindness and helpfulness was noticed by people all around the world. In 1979, she got a special prize called the Nobel Peace Prize for her work helping others. This made people from different countries pay attention to the problems of being poor and suffering. When she accepted the prize, she talked about how important it is to show love and care to fix the problems in the world.

Even though everyone knew who she was all around the world, Mother Teresa kept focusing on her important job and didn’t care about getting praised or having nice things for herself. She was really good at talking to and helping all different kinds of people, no matter what they believed in or where they came from. People who were really important or famous and regular people like you and me all liked her a lot because she was really nice and caring.

Challenges and Criticisms

But some people had concerns and criticisms about the work Mother Teresa did. They thought that the places where she helped people weren’t always in good conditions, and that just offering comfort at the end of someone’s life didn’t really solve the bigger problem of poverty. Some people also didn’t agree with her strong beliefs against using birth control or having abortions, especially because these issues were becoming very important for women’s rights and public health.

Mother Teresa was a very humble and determined person. When people said mean things about her, she stayed calm and didn’t let it bother her. She said that her main job was to help poor and sick people feel better. She left the bigger problems for other people to fix. She always stayed true to her beliefs and thought that love could make a big difference, even when people didn’t understand or agree with her.

Legacy and Beatification

Mother Teresa made a really big difference in the world, even after she died. She inspired a lot of people to help others and be kind. The Pope even made her a saint because she lived a really good and holy life. This was a really special and important moment for her and showed that she is one of the important people in the Catholic Church.

Mother Teresa was a very kind and helpful person who started a group called the Missionaries of Charity. They still help people today and many other people and groups are inspired by her. She wrote and gave speeches about being spiritual and those have become more popular since she became a saint. Becoming a saint means she is seen as very special and important in the Catholic Church, but also to people of different religions.

Death of Mother Teresa 

She was like a special angel who brought hope to the people. But unfortunately, even angels can’t escape death. This special person passed away while helping people in Kolkata (Calcutta). When she died, the entire country cried and remembered her. Her death means that those who are poor, in need, without a home, or weak are left feeling alone again.

The Indian people made lots of special places to remember her. Other countries also made special places to show their respect for her.


Mother Teresa’s life shows us how powerful love and kindness can be. She started helping people when she was young and continued to do so even when she was called a saint. She always cared about helping poor and forgotten people. She went from living in a special place for nuns to living in very poor areas in Calcutta. This big change in her life happened because she had a special feeling inside her that made her want to help others.

Mother Teresa was a very special person who did wonderful things to help others. She started a group called the Missionaries of Charity to help people who were sick, poor, and in need. She was so good and kind that the Catholic Church made her a saint. But she is not just important to Catholics, people from all religions admire her for her love and kindness. Even though she is no longer alive, her life and teachings still inspire us to be kind and help others, especially when things are difficult.

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