Kasturba Gandhi Information in English

Kasturba Gandhi Information in English

Early life and background

Kasturbai was born on April 11, 1869, to her mom and dad, Gokuladas Kapadia and Vrajkunwerba Kapadia. They were part of a group called the Modh Bania, who were traders from Gujarat, India. They lived in a town by the ocean called Porbandar. When Kasturbai was 14 years old, she got married to a boy named Mohandas, who was 13 years old. Their parents planned the marriage for them.

Her husband once said that on their wedding day, they didn’t know much about marriage, so for them, it was just about wearing nice clothes, eating sweets, and playing with family. But, according to the customs at that time, the young bride had to live with her own parents for the first few years of marriage, instead of being with her husband. Many years later, Mohandas felt sorry for having inappropriate thoughts about his young bride, even when he was at school. He couldn’t stop thinking about her and eagerly awaited their time together at night. At the beginning of their marriage, Mohandas was also possessive and controlling. He wanted his wife to do whatever he said and be the perfect wife.

Kasturba Gandhi

When Kasturbai was 17 years old, she became pregnant and had a baby too soon. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t live for very long. She and her husband had four more children who grew up, but Kasturbai was always sad about losing her first baby. Then, her husband decided to go to a faraway place called London to study. He left right after their second child was born. Kasturbai stayed in India with their kids while he was away. He came back a few years later, and they had another baby. But their life in India was not going well, so the husband went to a different place called South Africa to find a job. Kasturbai stayed in charge of their children. In 1896, she and the kids went to join her husband in South Africa.


In 1906, Mohandas decided to not have a girlfriend or get married, which is called taking a vow of chastity. Some people thought that his wife, Kasturbai, didn’t like this because it went against her role as a traditional Hindu wife. But Gandhi defended their marriage and said that she was actually happy. His family also believed that it was best for her to stay with him and do what he said.

The biography of Gandhi written by Ramachandra Guha talks about his marriage. It says that Gandhi and his wife Kasturba loved each other very much and always stayed faithful to each other emotionally and physically. Even though they had to be apart sometimes, they cherished the time they got to spend together.

Kasturba Gandhi – Political career

Kasturba Gandhi started getting involved in politics in South Africa in 1904. Along with her husband and other people, she helped create a place called the Phoenix Settlement. In 1913, she joined protests against how Indian immigrants were being treated in South Africa. Because of this, she got arrested and had to do hard work as punishment. While she was in prison, she led other women in praying and encouraged educated women to teach those who didn’t know how to read or write.

Gandhi and Mohandas went back to India in July 1914 after leaving South Africa. Even though Kasturba had a long-term cough illness, she still took part in protests and actions in different parts of India. Sometimes, when Gandhi was in jail, she would take his place and lead the protests. She spent most of her time helping out and serving in special places called ashrams. In these ashrams, people called her “Ba” or Mother because she took care of everyone. One thing that Gandhi and Mohandas disagreed on was how their children should be treated in the ashrams. Mohandas believed that their sons shouldn’t be treated any differently, but Kasturba thought that Mohandas didn’t pay enough attention to them.

In 1917, Gandhi helped women in a place called Champaran in India. He taught them important things like how to stay clean, be well-behaved, and take care of their health. Gandhi also taught them how to read and write. In 1922, Gandhi joined a peaceful protest in a place called Borsad, even though she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t take part in a famous protest called the Salt March in 1930, but she still joined other protests and marches for what she believed in. Because of this, she was arrested and put in jail many times.

In 1939, Gandhi joined peaceful protests against the British government in Rajkot because the women in the city asked her to help them. She was arrested and kept alone in a small room for a month. Her health got worse, but she kept fighting for freedom. In 1942, she was arrested again, along with Mohandas and other freedom fighters, for being part of a movement to make the British leave India. She was put in a special prison in Pune. By then, her health was really bad, and she died at the prison camp in Pune.

Mohandas wrote about his wife in a way that showed he always wanted her to do what he told her to do. He said that she used to be stubborn and wouldn’t listen to him, which caused them to sometimes not get along. But as he became more famous, she started to focus on helping him and didn’t worry about herself as much.

Role in the Freedom Movement

Kasturba, who was married to a very important leader in our country, played a big role in helping India become independent. She joined peaceful protests and movements with Gandhi, fighting for people’s rights and freedom. She showed how much she cared by taking part in the Salt March and other important events.

Legacy and Impact

Kasturba was more than just Mahatma Gandhi’s wife. She did a lot to help India become independent and make things fair for everyone. Her actions and beliefs are still remembered today and inspire people to be brave, strong, and always fight for what’s right.

To put it simply, Kasturba Gandhi’s life shows us that even regular people can do amazing things to make the world better. She faced many tough times and gave up a lot, but she still inspires people who want fairness and equal rights. Kasturba always stood by Mahatma Gandhi and played a big part in India becoming independent. That’s why she is respected and remembered in India’s fight for freedom.


Kasturba Gandhi was a brave and determined woman who fought for India’s freedom. She faced many difficulties, just like other women during her time, but she never gave up. Kasturba showed us that if we believe in something important, we can make a big difference. Let’s remember her and be grateful for all the things she did to help India become free.

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