Essay On Holi Festival

Holi is a really fun and colorful celebration in India called the Festival of Colors. It’s important to a lot of people because it has a deep meaning in their religion and culture. Holi happens in the spring and it brings people from all over the world together to have a great time. We’ll learn about the history behind Holi, why it’s important to people, and all the cool things they do during the celebration.


Celebration of Holi Festival

The day before Holi in India, there is a special ceremony called ‘Holika Dahan’. People make big bonfires and burn them in cities and villages. This ceremony is about getting rid of bad and negative things. It reminds us of a story about a bad lady named Holika. She wanted to hurt her nephew Prahlad by sitting in a bonfire, but she got burned instead. Prahlad was not harmed. People also visit Holika and sing songs and prayers to ask for good health and happiness.

During the festival of Holi, people have a lot of fun throwing watercolors at each other. Kids use special water guns called ‘pichkaris’ to spray watercolors on each other. In the evening, people dress up nicely and go visit their friends and family. They hug each other and rub colorful powder called ‘gulal’ on each other’s faces. They also sing and dance to happy songs that everyone likes.

History of Holi

The Holi festival is a very important celebration for Hindus. It started a long time ago in a temple in Pakistan. There are lots of books and poems about Holi. People have been celebrating it for a really long time, even in a play called Ratnavali. It’s so cool that people in Europe liked Holi too and started celebrating it there. The word “Holi” even made it into old dictionaries, but the spelling changed over time to sound like how it’s said.

A long time ago, there was a king named Hiranyakashyap who was very mean and bossy. He thought he was really powerful and couldn’t be hurt by anyone. But his son, Prahlad, and his sister, Holika, were important in this story. The king was so proud that he wanted everyone to worship him, even his own son. He didn’t want Prahlad to worship the god Vishnu anymore. The story gets really exciting when the king tries to get rid of Prahlad by making his sister sit in a fire with him on her lap. But something amazing happens! Holika gets burned in the fire, but Prahlad comes out completely unharmed. This shows that he was protected by a higher power because of his strong belief in Vishnu. That’s why we celebrate Holi – to remember that good always wins over evil and that being good is the most important thing.

How People Celebrate Holi

The day after ‘Holika Dahan,’ everyone comes together to have lots of fun and play with colors. People get excited and start getting ready for Holi a whole week before. They buy different colors, especially kids, and can’t wait for the big celebration.

Kids also join in the fun and play with colors with their friends, neighbors, and family members. They use water guns and small balloons to splash water on each other. The celebration starts in the morning when people dressed in colorful clothes visit their loved ones and playfully color them. During Holi, people also enjoy yummy treats like gujhiya, sweets, pani puri, dahi bade, chips, and more. Both the guests and the hosts have a great time eating and celebrating together.

Holi is a special celebration where people come together to show love and kindness. They use bright colors to show that they want everyone to be happy and successful. Holi is also about choosing good over bad and being a good person in society.

Why do we Celebrate Holi?

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Prahlad who loved God very much. But his father wanted him to worship him instead of God. When Prahlad refused, his father got very angry and tried to kill him. He asked Prahlad’s aunt, Holika, to sit in a fire with Prahlad on her lap. But something amazing happened! God saved Prahlad because he was a true devotee, and Holika got burned in the fire even though she was supposed to be protected. After this, people who believe in Hinduism started celebrating Holi every year to remember how good always wins over evil.

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