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Information in English 

Bhagat Singh was a very important person in India’s fight for freedom. He was born on September 28, 1907, in a place called Banga in Punjab, which was part of British India at that time. Bhagat Singh’s life and actions were really brave and he showed a lot of determination to make India independent. His story is remembered for his bravery, the sacrifices he made, and how much he believed in freedom. This essay will talk about Bhagat Singh’s life, what he believed in, and how he helped India become independent.

Bhagat Singh

Early Life and Influences

Bhagat Singh was born into a Punjabi Sikh family on 27 September 1907 in the village of Banga in the Lyallpur district of the Punjab. He came from a Sikh family and had six siblings. His father and uncle were involved in politics and fought for the rights of farmers and workers.

Bhagat Singh went to a school in a village called Banga for a few years. Then, he started going to a school in Lahore called Dayanand Anglo-Vedic School. Later, in 1923, he went to National College in Lahore. This college was started by Lala Lajpat Rai because Mahatma Gandhi asked Indian students to not go to schools that were supported by the British government.

The police were worried about Singh’s influence on young people, so they arrested him in May 1927. They said he was involved in a bombing that happened in Lahore in October 1926. But after five weeks, he was let go by paying some money. Singh wrote articles for newspapers in Urdu and Punjabi, which were published in Amritsar. He also wrote for cheap pamphlets that criticized the British government. He used different names when he wrote, like Balwant, Ranjit, and Vidhrohi.


How did Bhagat Singh influence the Indian Independence Movement?

Bhagat Singh was a very important person in India’s fight for freedom from British rule. He did many things to help India become independent. He joined groups that wanted to change things in a big way, even though it got him in trouble and he went to jail. But even in jail, he kept working to spread ideas about India being free through writing and making newspapers. Sadly, when he was only 23 years old, he was killed by hanging because he tried to hurt a British police officer who had hurt one of his friends. This made a big impact on the people in India and made Bhagat Singh famous as a hero in the fight for independence.

The Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA):

In the 1920s, a man named Bhagat Singh joined a group called the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association. They were a group of brave young people who wanted to free India from British control. They believed in fighting with weapons to make India a country where everyone is equal and shares things together.

Bhagat Singh believed that it wasn’t enough for people to have freedom in politics. He thought it was also really important for everyone to be treated fairly and have the same opportunities. He was influenced by ideas from socialism and Marxism, and he wanted India to be a place where nobody was taken advantage of or treated unfairly.


Bhagat Singh was a very brave person who strongly believed in making India free from British rule. He started his journey as a young person who wanted to peacefully protest against the British, but later he became a revolutionary who was ready to give up his life for his country. His actions and ideas still inspire people today. He wrote about his thoughts and made sacrifices for India’s freedom. He reminds us that even though it was difficult, people like him never gave up on their dream of a fair and independent nation.

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